Depression is n…

Depression is not a sign of weakness! It’s a sign of staying strong for too long!

I wanted to share with you my experience as I finally after 20 years (I’m 26) come to terms with the emotional neglect I had suffered for so many years as a child.

you see my mum had biopolar. Diagnosed as depression for so many years I had to deal with beung a referee for my family com a tiny age and ultimately protecting my twin brothers from the life I had seemed to fall into. My mum and dad loved us very much but the neglect I went through although wasn’t physical it was emotionally which is just as hard. The wounds were skin deep and nobody saw them. I learnt to lock them away, only crying when nobody was looking. Watching my mum for 15years cheat on my dad, witness my dad crying when he was so lost after finding she’d been seeing yet another one of his colleagues. knowing that for every couple “good” days where mum was as sweet as an angel we’d be burnt with bad days where she would turn into the devil woman whom I hated. Mum punched me a couple times, just in the arm, when I was pushed so much that I would just scream at her. Imissed having a mum like my friends. I never remembered her hugging me as a child. She was too wrapped up in herself, craving attention from anyone and rinning us down so she could feel better.

and now I am due to marry the man of my dreams on 29/3/14 and I am currently going through counselling to deal with this.

i want to share my experiences to help anyone going through this or dealing with this. I wish I had something like this when I was going through it. Maybe I’d have dealt with things sooner

please message me if you need to chat….it helps!!